Dear Soduhil,
Happy birthday you annoying little freak! Here are some of our fun memories. And even though today is your birthday, i know you will never grow up. *Baivaru dhonthakaa baivaru behdhumaa baivaru loabi*. THATS THE WAAYYY MAAHY WAAYY (8) 
Love Aams. ❤️😘
Happy birthday Barabo. 😘

Dear bimbo, 
I miss you so much. Just cant wait for you to come here and have our crazy fun times. You are one of the few people i know that will always be with me no matter what, im so blessed to have a friend like you. Happy 18th loabish. ( i miss our inner jokes, lol.) have loads of fun there k? ( i know, it wont be that fun because im here.) baivaru behdhumaa, baivaru dhonthakaa fonuvan eba thikolhah ingey? Bas ahain kiyavaathi. Thee hama aama ge prettiest bimbo. I love you so much!!! And once again HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIMBO!! 😘😘❤️❤️
Yaanu is a potato 🙊❤️

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